Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services of Nipro Group

Largest manufacturer of contract pharmaceutical products in Japan:Winning trust with the company's creative and flexible abilities

Nipro Group has widened its operations as an all-around manufacturer of contract pharmaceutical products, based on its creative development power and production technologies, and has become the largest manufacturer of contract pharmaceutical products in Japan. Repeated orders from numerous pharmaceutical companies are the best evidence of the trust placed in Nipro Pharma.

Nipro Group as one-stop service provider

Comprehensive Contract Manufacturing Services

  • Contract manufacturing services for all dosage  forms,including oral products,injectables and external preparations.
  • Nipro Group,in addition to its well-known production capacity and technological competence,has an unrivaled capacity for development,
  • Quick,flexible development ranging from pharmaceutical formulations to containers according to the requirements of customers,

High-Value-Added Pharmaceutical Formulations and Generic Drugs

  • Proposal and development of high-value-added pharmaceutical formulations,including kit formulations,orally disintegrating tablets,DDS-applied products,TTS-applied products based on Nipro's highly advanced formulation technologies.
  • Various supports for formulation development,marketing approval application,etc.based on Nipro's formulation tecnologies and project-management expertise.

Global CDMO

  • Contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for overseas markets in compliance with GMP(cGMP,EU-GMP,JGMP)and PIC/S.
  • Comprehensive support system for overseas customers seeking entry to the Japanese market.
  • Nipro Pharma Vietnam offers products with high quality level at internationally competitive prices.

Risk Management
-Commitment to BCP(Business Continuty Planning)-

  • Highly reliable system established for pharmaceutical supply with the dispersion of production bases(the Nipro Group network)
  • Securement of secondary sources for active pharmaceutical ingredients.
All-around contract manufacturing High-value-added pharmaceuticals and generic products Global CDMO Risk management against natural disasters

Dosage Forms that Nipro Pharma can provide

Nipro Pharma has production abilities and facilities for all categories including injectables, Oral Products, and external preparations. We will further enhance our production abilities to respond to the new and diverse needs of pharmaceutical companies.


  • Ampoules(Glass・Plastics)
  • Vials(Liquid・Powder・Lyophilized product)
  • Pre-filled syringes(Glass・Plastics)
  • Dual chamber pre-filled syringes(Glass)
  • Dual chamber bags(Liquid / Powder)
  • Dual chamber bags(Liquid / Liquid)
  • Half-type kits
  • Pre-mixed bags
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Oral Products

  • Tablets
  • Capsules(Hard capsules)
  • Powders・Granules・Dry syrups
  • Liquids・Syrups
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External Preparations

  • Tapes(Solvent type・Hotmelt type)
  • Poultices
  • Ointments・Creams
  • Liquids
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