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Largest manufacturer of contract pharmaceutical products in Japan:Winning trust with the company's creative and flexible abilities

Nipro Pharma has widened its operations as an all-around manufacturer of contract pharmaceutical products, based on its creative development power and production technologies, and has become the largest manufacturer of contract
pharmaceutical products in Japan. Repeated orders from numerous pharmaceutical companies are the best evidence of the trust placed in Nipro Pharma.

As of May 2016

Having produced 716 contract items for 91 customers

Nipro Pharma is a manufacturer of contract pharmaceutical products of the largest scale in Japan, for injectables, orally administered drugs, and external preparations. We have produced 716 items for 91 customers in total in these three categories (as of May 31, 2017), of which approximately 25% are products consigned by foreign pharmaceutical companies. Our company is highly evaluated for its strength that enables one-stop response for all kinds, and the number of contracts items has increased almost double in 2016 compared with 2010.

Products that Nipro Pharma can provide

Nipro Pharma has production abilities and facilities for all categories including injectables, orally administered drugs, and external preparations. We will further enhance our production abilities to respond to the new and diverse needs of pharmaceutical companies.


  • Glass ampoules (steroids, general drugs)
  • Plastic ampoules
  • Vials/liquid (steroids, general drugs, antitumor agents)
  • Vial/powders (cephems, carbapenems, and general drugs)
  • Vial/freeze-dried products (cephems, general drugs and antitumor agents)
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Dual chamber pre-filled syringes
  • Liquid-liquid dual chamber bags
  • Dual chamber bags (PLW®)(penicillins, cephems, carbapenems)
  • Half kits
  • Pre-mixed bags
  • Self-standing bags(Infusion)
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Orally Administered Drugs

  • Sugar-coated tablets
  • Film-coating tablets
  • Uncoated tablets
  • Hard capsules
  • Enteric capsules
  • Sustained release capsules
  • Sustained release tablets
  • Oral disintegration tablets
  • Powders, granules, Dry syrups
  • Syrups
  • Liquids
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External Preparations

  • Ointments and Creams
  • Poultices
  • Tapes
  • Liquids
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