Contract Manufacturing With High Added Value

Unique operating style based on our development power and production technologies; Making suggestions based on the latest needs in medical institutions

The strength of Nipro Pharma is its familiarity in product development methods focused on alleviating the workload in medical institutions and on convenience for patients, based on its proprietary development power and production technologies in all categories of injectables, oral products, and external preparations. We thus make suggestions concerning the development of products with high added value, such as kit formulation products, oral products, DDS, TTS, and orally disintegrating films.

auger filling machine

Innovator of kit formulation products

Dual chamber bags (PLW®) and dual chamber pre-filled syringes for use-time reconstitution of powder drug and diluent, and pre-filled syringes(PFS®) that have already been filled with liquid medicine mitigate the risk of contamination from foreign substances and microbes, and of needle-stick injury, prevent malpractice involving mix-ups or incorrect administration of medicine, and improve efficiency in healthcare settings.

Odate Plant (separate production plant)

Also handling injectable or orally administered highly reactive agents

Thorough containment measures have been taken for highly reactive injectable agents, such as anticancer drugs, steroids, and hormone drugs, by building separate plants for each type of drug. We have also established a completely dedicated separate plant of orally administered highly reactive agents.

oral products

Also capable of producing oral products

In the category of oral products, we have a wide variety of technologies for oral products, which easily dissolve in the mouth despite their extreme hardness, and we produce oral products in accordance with the needs of pharmaceutical companies. We can also produce enteric drugs and sustained release drugs, using our DDS technology for controlling the release rate of drugs.


Transdermal Therapeutic Systems (TTS)-applied developments and products

In the category of external preparations, we have an advanced technology for Transdermal Therapeutic Systems (TTS)-applied developments and products, where the drug is delivered through the skin to the systemic blood circulation, thereby reducing adverse drug reactions and exercising high efficacy. We can also support the development and production of poultices and tapes, leveraging our technology that achieves high skin permeability while combining secure attachment to the skin and ease of removal.


Providing ideal containers and materials for pharmaceutical products

In the category of injectables, we provide total management in accordance with the target drug and its regimen, based on our extensive experience and know-how with devices and materials. In the category of oral products, we can make the ideal suggestion for combining the target drug and its container, such as preparing a blank space for writing a date of taking the drug to prevent missed taking, while developing PTP products with universal design that enables patients to easily press tablets through the package.