Nipro Pharma Corporation, the pharmaceuticals manufacturing arm of the Nipro Group, has developed its business in the healthcare sector with a clear focus prioritizing quality assurance and stable supply. Alongside the manufacture of Nipro brand medical products, Nipro Pharma undertakes contract manufacture of drugs for many pharmaceutical businesses across Japan and around the globe. Nipro Pharma takes pride in its track record as one of Japan’s top contract manufacturers.

Nipro Pharma has a total of 8 production sites, 7 in Japan and 1 in Vietnam. We have the capacity to manufacture diverse types and formulations of pharmaceuticals. Our facilities can adapt to a wide range of production scales. In 2024, a new plant will be completed in Shiga prefecture, to fulfill demands for injection products and to ensure stability of supply. Our past investment in plant and equipment includes the installation of a production line customized to the kit product developed in association with Nipro Corporation as well as the construction of a specialized manufacturing building dedicated to the production of high-potency pharmaceutical products and antibiotics. Our strong and ongoing facilities investment responding to market needs will be an asset to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals in Japan. We are engaged in a phased expansion of supply capacity in all our facilities, which together with the creation of a concurrent production system coordinating multiple facilities for same-preparation manufacture, forms part of our Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

Demands on the quality of pharmaceutical products are ever changing. Today, reliability of drugs is a key issue. To address this concern, we are pressing ahead with the enhancement of our quality assurance system based on our Quality Policy, Quality Target and Quality Plan. We are reinforcing the quality awareness of our staff through IT-system based inhouse training. We also conduct regular internal audits and have created a quality assurance system backed by records and data using manufacturing execution system (MES) and laboratory information management system (LIMS).
First and foremost, our mission is to provide patients and healthcare professionals with medicines that can be trusted and used with reassurance. Our goal is to achieve this mission and we will not let up in our effort to create a culture of quality in our company and to improve our product quality,

Pharmaceutical products are integral and essential to the life and health of all people. Every member of our company will spare no effort in making Nipro Pharma a truly world-class pharmaceutical manufacturer, fully aware of the weight of responsibility and never forgetting our sense of duty. I close this message by offering my sincere gratitude to you all for your generous support and requesting that you offer your continued assistance to Nipro Pharma as your partner.

President Kenichi Nishida