Nipro Pharma, a member of the Nipro Group, has developed its business as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products by focusing on its highest priority to maintaining quality standards and a stable supply of products. Currently, Nipro Pharma provides contract manufacturing services to a lot of pharmaceutical companies, achieving the top-class contract manufacturing performance in Japan.
Nipro Pharma has 8 manufacturing sites, at 7 locations in Japan and 1 overseas (in Vietnam) which are equipped with a system that allows for the production of a wide variety of formulations in a broad range of production scales. In addition to construction of manufacturing lines appropriate for diverse drug formulations, volumes and scales, including kit formulation products developed in cooperation with Nipro Corporation, we have established a specialized manufacturing plant for high-potency pharmaceutical products and antibiotics. Most recently, we built a specialized facility dedicated to inspection and packaging processes. We intend to improve our production technologies, actively introducing cutting-edge technology. At each manufacturing sites, we have expanded production capacity in a phased approach, and at the same time, a system that allows the concurrent production of the same drugs among sites is being put in place to respond to BCP (Business Continuity Planning) requirements.
Expectations towards the quality of pharmaceutical products have been continually rising. Since strict quality assurance of pharmaceutical products during storage and transportation is strongly required nowadays, Nipro Pharma has been making efforts to establish a quality assurance system through construction of a logistics building based on a new concept. There is no limit on our efforts for quality improvement. Above all, we are committed to ensuring a supply of pharmaceutical products which patients and medical professionals can use safely, pursuing to improve the quality of our products and building a Quality Culture at the same time.
Pharmaceutical products are indispensable for the disease treatment and QOL improvement in patients and thus, we strive to become a world-class pharmaceutical manufacturer with our mission and responsibility to produce and supply safe and effective pharmaceutical products of excellent quality. We, as your partner, greatly appreciate your trust and patronage, and sincerely ask for your continued support and cooperation.

President Kenichi Nishida