A pioneer of kits for both drugs and devices; The enhanced product portfolio also includes anticancer drugs and bio pharmaceuticals

Nipro Pharma specializes both drugs and devices, and has achieved outstanding market share of injectables, such as ampoules and vials. By combining drugs with packaging containers that suit their characteristics, we have developed and produced ideal kit formulation products for medical institutions and patients. We can also offer high-potency pharmaceutical products such as anticancer drugs and bio pharmaceuticals.

Pre-filled syringes | Liquid/powder double chamber bags (PLW®) | Pre-mixed bags | Double chamber pre-filled syringes

Innovator of kit formulation products

Dual chamber bags (PLW®) and dual chamber pre-filled syringes for use-time reconstitution of powder drug and diluent, and pre-filled syringes(PFS®) that have already been filled with liquid medicine mitigate the risk of contamination from foreign substances and microbes, and of needle-stick injury, prevent malpractice involving mix-ups or incorrect administration of medicine, and improve efficiency in healthcare settings.

Ampoules & Vials

Largest manufacturer of ampoules and vials in Japan

We are the largest manufacturer of ampoules and vials in Japan, combining glass and plastic ampoules and liquid/powder/freeze-dried vials. Able to handle several types of materials concerning the property of the drug product, together with package to reduce the risk of breakage.

“Nest” production line for biomedicines

Bio pharmaceuticals and anticancer drugs

To handle antibiotics, anticancer drugs, steroids, and other high-potency pharmaceutical products, Nipro Pharma has dedicated production buildings together with measurement to prevent cross contamination.

  • Ampoules(Glass・Plastics)
  • Vials(Liquid・Powder・Lyophilized product)
  • Pre-filled syringes(Glass・Plastics)
  • Dual chamber pre-filled syringes(Glass)
  • Dual chamber bags (Liquid / Powder)
  • Dual chamber bags(Liquid / Liquid)
  • Half-type kits
  • Pre-mixed bags