Ise Plant

Plant for pharmaceutical inspection and packaging and the quality control building

At Ise plant, we started operation of the facility for pharmaceutical inspection and packaging (operated in July 2017), quality control building (operated in December 2017) and new warehouse building (operated in September 2018) to expand the capability and meet the customer needs.

Ise Plant Introductory Movie

Produces ampoules, vials, and kit formulation products

In Ise Plant, we produce kit formulation products for injectables, in addition to general ampoules and vials. A new production line has been recently added for freeze-dried vials, enabling production in accordance with more detailed needs. We continually strive for lower costs and enhanced safety.

Ampoules & Vials
Vial(Freeze dry)Line
  1. Transfusion fluid (stand) bags
  2. Glass ampoules
  3. Half kits
  4. Pre-filled syringes
    Plastic ampoules
    Fluid vials
    General and freeze-dried vials
  1. Powder dialysis agents
  2. Double chamber bags (PLW®
  3. Plant for pharmaceutical inspection
    and packaging
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Ampoules & Vials

The largest ampoule production line in Japan

In the Ise Plant, we produce injectables of various dosage forms. The Ise Plant is a main plant for glass and plastic ampoules, and has manufacturability for 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 mL glass ampoules, and production lines for 5, 10 and 20 mL plastic ampoules.

Pre-filled syringes (left) and double chamber bags (PLW®)

Produces injectable drug kits in general

In this plant, we produce pre-filled syringes (syringes pre-filled with drug solution) enabling faster injection of the patient; double chamber bags (PLW®) that combine powder drugs that require dissolution before administration with the dissolving solution, thereby enabling adjustment with aseptic manipulation; pre-mixed bags that contain a bag pre-filled with drug solution that has been adjusted to the concentration for administration; and half kits.

Vial(Freeze dry)Line

Production of freeze-dry vials

In addition to the existing production line for fluid vials, we have lately established a new production line for freeze-dried vials. This enables divided production of hazardous agents in the Odate Plant and of general drugs in the Ise Plant, thereby achieving a production system responding to changing needs. A production line for freeze-dried products started operation in the Vietnamese site, further enabling mitigation of risks through two-site production in Japan and overseas.

Quick facts about the Ise Plant

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