Kagamiishi Plant

Main Plant of Oral Products

The site conforms with the U.S., EU and Japan GMP requirements, which enables exportation; High potent products are manufactured in the dedicated building under the full measure against cross-contamination. Furthermore, this plant has been approved and licensed as a bonded factory.

Third solid dosage building
Spray drier
Vertical granulator
Image perspective for the third solid dosage building

Supports to high potent agents

In November 2014, the third solid dosage building has been completed and started operating for the purpose of satisfying production needs for anticancer drugs and other highly reactive agents that are products indicated to have a high growth rate. In order to guarantee safety, this isolated and separate building is dedicated to highly reactive agents, and thorough containment measures are introduced by both facilities and building structures.

Conforming with the U.S., EU, and Japan GMP requirements;Audited and accepted by the EU agency

Conformity with the U.S., EU, and Japan GMP.

Our customers are making increasing requests not only for the supply of oral products inside Japan, but also for the exportation thereof. The Kagamiishi Plant exports products which conforms with the global GMP requirements such as EU.

Spray drier

Capable of handling all dosage forms and granulation methods

In this plant, we are capable of producing a wide variety of dosage forms, including uncoated tablets, film-coated tablets, oral products, sugar-coated tablets, sustained release tablets, hard capsules, powders, and granules. We are also capable of conducting all types of granulation methods, such as wet, dry, extrusion, stirring, rolling bed, fluidized bed, and etc. We also make suggestions concerning the development and production of high added values such as oral disintegration.

Kagamiishi Plant Introductory Movie

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Quick facts of the Kagamiishi Plant