Odate Plant

Main Plant for kits for injectables; equipped with separate dedicated buildings for respective drugs as well as a cutting-edge production line for external preparations

Producing pre-filled syringes, double chamber bags (PLW®), and other kits for injectables in general, is one of the greatest strengths of Nipro Pharma. Thorough containment measures have been taken for highly reactive agents including anticancer drugs, antibiotics, and steroids that are showing high market growth. Measures such as constructing separate buildings for each type of drug are taken. For external preparations, we introduced a cutting-edge production line for solvent type tapes, thoroughly ensuring a quality assurance system capable of meeting the GMPs requirements in Europe, Japan and the United States.

Biomedicine production lines
Pre-filled syringe production line
Facilities for applying, drying, cutting and packaging ointments
  1. Cephem DB production building
  2. Penicillin DB production building
  3. Cephem (freeze-dried/powder) production building
  4. Cephem drug substance production building
  5. Penem production building
  6. Hormone production building
  1. Anticancer drug production building
  2. Steroid production building
  3. Pre-filled syringe production building
  4. Biomedicine production building
  5. Dialysis fluid replacement DB production building
  6. Tapes producing building
Pre-filled syringes (left) and double chamber bags (PLW®)

Produces injectable drug kits in general

At this plant, we produce pre-filled syringes (PFS®), i.e., syringes pre-filled with drug solution, double chamber bags (PLW®)providing drug solutions combined with dissolving solutions, as well as kit preparations including double chamber pre-filled syringes, involving the application of double chamber bags to syringes, thereby contributing to improved sterility assurance, the prevention of medical mistakes and efficiency in medical settings.


High potent drugs are produced in dedicated buildings

To reduce risks to handle high potent material and to assure safety of the workers, we use high containment technologies and make the buildings completely isolated.

Biomedicine production lines

Bio pharmaceuticals and anticancer drugs

We produce bio pharmaceuticals and anticancer drugs in response to the increasing production requests from customer companies. In the anticancer drug production building, where intensified safety measures are required, we use robots inside the isolator to achieve full automation. We also make suggestions concerning countermeasures against bottle breakage, so that damage to glass containers will be minimized.

Pre-filled syringe production line

Diverse and enhanced high-functional production lines

Here, we have a variety of different equipment to produce high-quality pharmaceutical products. On the pre-filled syringe production line, we have established an aseptic operation combined with quality assurance, based on integrated production through to the final packaging. The production lines for API are also equipped with refining facilities to produce high-quality pharmaceutical products.

Production line for solvent type tapes

Produces high-performance patches

Able to produce patches of constant quality based on our rigorous production control and highly-advanced production technologies employed in preparations of drug solutions, application of ointments and packaging. We also ensure a quality assurance system capable of meeting the GMPs requirements in Europe, Japan and the United States. This plant is also able to produce oral disintegration films.

Quick facts about the Odate Plant

5-7, Niida Aza Maedano, Odate-Shi, Akita, 018-5751, JapanAccess Map