Sustainability is our goal.

Nipro Pharma believes that corporate social responsibility means improving company value and realizing sustainable society through sound business activities. We engage in CSR activities, setting Environment, Society, and Human Resources as our priorities.

Protecting the Global Environment

The precious global envrionment must be our legacy. We are proactive in environmental protection activities, as well as business activities that would establish a recycling-oriented society.

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Social Contribution Activities

Nipro Pharma can engage in our business thanks to the support of local communities and society at large. We cooperate with the community and focus on activities to resolve social issues.

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Company and Employee Development

Nipro Pharma engages in activities that allow both our company and our employees to grow, aiming to become a company where employees can maximize their potential to bring about innovation.

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Labor and Human Rights

Nipro Pharma’s basic policy is “Diversity Management.” Nipro Pharma focuses on diversity. We respect the basic human rights of employees and engage in creating a work environment that looks after mental and physical health as well as ensuring safety.